Second Fundamental Contact

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Second Fundamental Contact – The immersive and interactive music experience

The search for musical and personal connection between audience and performer. Have you ever felt connected to people around you when hearing music? Now you can try to create that connection yourself with Second Fundamental Contact. Meet the artist one on one, get introduced to your instruments, and start the journey where you two create music together. The audience becomes part of the performance in this little experiment. 

According to research by Daniel Levitin, music helps synchronising our bodies and brains. Neurochemicals in the brain and the release of endorphins are affected by activities such as listening to music and singing together, which in turn is linked to feelings of social closeness and connectedness. 

But what does that look like in real life? And to what extent can these connections be made in a spontaneous meeting?

Some researchers believe that it is the rhythm in music that helps us synchronise our brains and coordinate our body movements with others. Research supporting this thesis shows how coordinating movement through music increases our sense of community and prosocial behaviour.

We use these theories combined with curiosity about music and human connection as a starting point for this artistic crossover project. When does a connection happen? How quickly can you build a connection, not through words, but through rhythmic sounds and intimate, personal exchange in sound creation? 

Dive into the world of Second Fundamental Contact to find out!

Read the full project description here.