🀰 Biography


A strong musical repertoire, a versatile voice and the empowerment to translate the full spectrum of emotions into music. Live act and DJ MARIA Die RUHE embodies all of it throughout her compositions and performances. 

Experimental expression is a fundamental desire of hers, and over the years she has expanded her most expressive instrument— the voice. Together with synths and the application of strings and piano she has carved a strong energetic live set. A diversity of feelings and mind states inspires Maria’s colorful songs, creating an immediate intimacy and invocation to dance and let go. 

Spotify chose MARIA Die RUHE to be on the cover of ELECTRONIC RISING in 2022. It is one of their biggest playlists for electronic music and techno and she was featured nine times in the playlist itself over the last couple of years. She was also added another 4 times to their EQUAL playlist. She has been featured in RADIOEINS Berlin, FRITZ Radio Butzke, Clash Magazine, Glamglare NYC, Metal Magazine, and Notion just to name a few. „Designer Love“ was selected as one of the best 50 tracks of “Electronic&Techno” in 2022 with her songs having over 15 million plays on Spotify in total.

In 2023 she released her very personal album “ENARCHY” on her own label Reduced to the Root.

As an unapologetic, honest and thoughtful person, she converts these qualities into performances that cannot be associated with just one genre. They span from house, pop over melodic techno to classic techno and form an intimate interplay with the audience directly. MARIA Die RUHE toured a host of countries with her compelling live set and played festivals and clubs across the globe, from the free spirited and life affirming Kater Blau in Berlin, Fusion Festival, the astonishing Amazon club in Brazil and in South Africa.