Berndt Bechstein

🀰 Biography

Hailing from the beautiful country side of East-Germany, music producer and DJ Berndt Bechstein is forging his path in the electronic music scene, track by track. Music is an essential part of his life and you can find him in the studio every free second of the day, producing heavy hitting music aimed for the dance floor.

With his very distinct sound, Berndt’s tunes has already made the rounds in clubs around the globe, creating a frenzy where ever they are being played. The genre is hard to pin-point and swirls between groovy Techno, Tech House and Minimal. His driving style always carries the signature gnarly synths and perky percussions he is loved for.

In 2021 he joined the “SNOE” label family with the groundbreaking “Duck and Dive EP”, and the label has since then become his homebase. Through his solid releases he has already gotten support from artists such as Laurent Garnier, Jamie Jones, Joyce Muniz, Roger Sanchez and of course always from the label family Andreas Henneberg and Beth Lydi.

Berndt’s sound is groovy, playful and catchy. His passion lies in creating extraordinary experiences on the dancefloor and his sets are all about having fun and enjoying the fleeting, beautiful moments of the night.